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Only you can ensure that your Lenses are worn according to your eye care practitioner’s instructions, replaced according to schedule and cleaned and stored according to directions. Let us supply you with all your lens cleaning and storing solutions.

When you are fitted for contact lenses, your eye care practitioner will recommend a lens care system -- a group of products to clean, disinfect, and maintain your lenses for safe and comfortable wear. He or she will select a system work with your eyes, your lifestyle, and your lenses.

Soft Lens Care Systems Today's systems are safe, effective, and easy to use.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lens Care Systems These systems are formulated to work specifically with RGP lenses.

Since different systems use different types of chemicals, mixing or substituting solutions from other systems is not advised. Doing so could lead to discolored lenses, eye discomfort or eye injury.

Taking care of contact lenses may sound like a bothersome chore. But most people find that once a routine is established, tending to their lenses is not such a big deal. In fact, today’s lenses and lens care systems make lens care easier than ever.

Enjoy your contacts, while protecting your eyes and your investment in your lenses. Find the answers to your questions about contact lens wear and care in the following sections:

Handling and Caring for Your Contact Lenses How to insert, remove, clean, and store your lenses.

Healthy Contact Lens Wear Keep eye problems at bay by following these suggestions from eye care professionals.

FAQs on Contact Lens Wear Look for the answer you’ve been seeking among these frequently asked questions.

Be carefull where you buy your contact lenses: to see illegal brands and sites click here

How to insert your lenses


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Halloween Contact Lenses Scary, wacky, crazy colored or special effect Halloween contact lenses are perfect for events, costume parties, theatrical wardrobes or trick or treat! Halloween contact lenses require a prescription.