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  • Wash your hands with a mild soap, rinse completely, and dry with a lint-free towel. A wet finger may cause a soft lens to flatten. Avoid using fingernails to handle your lenses.
  • If you’re working near a sink, close the drain.
  • Get in the habit of always working with the right lens first to avoid mix-ups.
  • Pour the lens and storage fluid from the case into your palm.
  • Inspect the lens for particles, deposits, or tears.
  • Place the lens, cup side up, on your dry forefinger.
  • Determine if the lens is right side out. If it is right side out, the edge of the lens will appear almost straight up. If inside-out, the edges will flare out slightly. Another test is to place the lens on a crack in the palm of your hand then cup the hand slightly. This will flex the lens. If the edge of the lens curls inward, it is the correct way out; if the edge curls outward and wraps onto the palm of the hand, it is inside out. If it is inside out, reverse it.
  • Insert.
  • Hold the upper lashes (or lids) to prevent blinking.
  • Pull the bottom eyelid down using your middle finger.
  • Look up so the white part of your eye shows.
  • Place the lens onto the exposed white part of your eye.
  • Instead of looking up, you may choose to look straight ahead at the lens and gently place it in the center of your eye.
  • Remove your finger and let go of the lids, bottom lid first.
  • Look down to help position the lens, then close your eyes momentarily.
  • Apply one or two drops of lens lubricant (eye drops) if your lenses feel dry or if blurry vision occurs during wear.
  • Follow the same steps to insert the other lens.


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